Professional Exchange Travel Journal for 860

860 Reflective Trip Journal

McClean Museum, Inverclyde, Scotland

McLean Museum, Inverclyde, Scotland (See a trip slideshow below)

The Current Issues in Global Information Infrastructure course was a class trip to ScotlandĀ in the United Kingdom for the purposes of attaining a global perspective on aspects of librarianship as well as for professional exchange opportunities. The objectives of this international course were to teach students observational and critical thinking skills regarding librarianship in a nation other than our own. Doing so enabled us with the ability to compare and contrast the structures and services of libraries in Scotland to those in the U.S.A. As a result, were able to discuss what we perceived as strengths and weaknesses in our library and information systems as well as those in the Scottish systems. Ideas for improvement and comparisons of differences and unique perspectives were exchanged between this Emporia State University class and the colleagues we met working in public libraries, archives, administrative services, museums and special collections in Scotland. This peer exchange was a significant aspect of learning for all involved.

The travel journal document includes pre-trip planning concerns and considerations, as well as a day-by-day log of activities, observations, cultural responses, and learning that took place in the multiple locations visited by our class. Additionally, it contains photographs of some of the more unique and interesting locations, materials, and findings, as well as serving as a record of cultural discoveries. The journal highlights the learning that was achieved through professional exchange and class discussions both formal and informal, before, during, and following the trip.

The following slideshow takes a moment to load. Scroll over the bottom of the photographs for captions: