2012 Oregon Public Library Internet Survey for Oregon Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee

2012 Oregon Public Library Internet Survey Report

The goals, purpose and responsibilities of the Oregon Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee (of which I am a member) are to aid in the development of the Oregon Library Association’s (OLA) position on intellectual freedom, interpret it to the public, and act in support of this position; to inform membership of impending legislation, present recommendations, and tender OLA’s support of such legislation; to promote development by libraries of a selection policy; to determine facts in cases of public controversy over censorship, develop a statement of OLA’s position, and present OLA’s position to all interested parties; to develop liaison with other statewide organizations interested in intellectual freedom; to respond to the OLA President’s charge.

The Oregon Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee: 2012 Public Library Internet Survey is a survey conducted by the OLA – IFC every four years, commencing in 1998. These surveys collect data across time in order to track public library responses to Internet developments, such as the passage of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the growing use of social media. The survey is fine-tuned every four years to allow questions for new developments and to update language and technological terms. In 2012 and 2013 I worked with the other IFC members to reconstruct, publish, and advertise the survey, make follow up calls to public library directors to help them complete the survey, and to collate the data, write and edit the survey results. This activity keeps me in alignment with one of my greatest library passions: intellectual freedom. It also allows me to serve the OLA membership and to maintain collegial relationships with other information professionals throughout the state of Oregon.


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