Video Presentation for 804

Myriad systems and theories exist in the world for the purposes of organizing information. The Organization of Information course explored many such systems and viewed them through a historical perspective starting with antiquity; then the philosophical theories of Plato and Aristotle; moving on through empiricism, rationalism, Marxism and an exploration of the taxonomies of Linnaeus. For library schema in particular, we explored the work of Charles Cutter, Anthony Panizzi, Charles Jewett and Melvil Dewey. The course readings and lectures emphasized that all organizational strategies are created through the bias of the creator, and that most are created through the biases of the dominant social classes. We learned the ethical importance of vocabulary usage and the inclusion of minority views in the creation and perpetuation of library and information organizational structures, particularly those used in the United States.

The video I created is a series of short clips and voice-overs to demonstrate a methodology of managing and organizing a personal collection of nearly 100 hats. I utilize traditional and historical terminology for the various types of headwear and also personalize the scheme by creating some unique categories that work for me, the primary user of this collection. This project sharpened my organizational design skills and technology skills. The method of my organization and presentation demonstrated that I could create an appropriate system that can be both understood and engaging for an intended user-group: in this case, a classroom of library student peers.