Reflective Journal for 801

801 Reflective Journal

The purpose of Foundations of Library and Information Science was to introduce the role of information in society through the exploration of library history, information agencies and professions. Throughout the course, emphasis was placed on the philosophical and ethical underpinnings of the information professions. This teaching was conveyed through multiple theories, including the program’s learner-centered education practices as introduced by E. Hansen (2000), The Information Transfer Cycle of R. Greer, R. Grover and S. G. Fowler (2007), as well as R. Severson’s Principles of Information Ethics (1997).

In order to process and analyze this wide array of new material, I completed a seven-entry reflective journal that explored topics of ethics, professionalism, access to information, challenges to the profession, empathy, primary sources and paradigmatic shift. The journal demonstrates that I have an understanding of libraries’ missions and values from the past into the present, and that I can identify and address developing issues in the information field. It further solidifies my ethical commitment to helping others access information, and to protect the privacy of information seekers and the integrity of content creators.


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