Strategic Plan for 805

805 Strategic Initiative

Management of Information Organizations coursework focuses on preparing Master of Library Science candidates for roles in library management including employee and fiscal management, as well as strategic planning for departmental or institutional operations. Students learned about management theory, including Management by Objectives, S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis, and quantitative as well as qualitative measurements (Stueart & Moran, 2007).

With teammates Kathleen Feduccia, Courtney Remington, Kathy Street, and Tina Weyland, we created a strategic initiative to show our knowledge of public library environments, political challenges, budgetary considerations and staffing issues. The plan focused on an imaginary library system that had undergone a shutdown due to loss of funding. Our group explored three actual Oregon public libraries that had experienced this very scenario in the last five years. Drawing on staff interviews and  actual planning documents, our strategic initiative addresses a believable and tough scenario that prepared us for the realities of making a library system function well despite many challenges. The coursework challenged us to create and collaborate and make difficult decisions with high library service objectives at the forefront of our strategic document.


Stueart, R.D. & Moran, B.B. (2007). Library and information center      management.Colorado:Libraries Unlimited