Course Progression


Christy Lee Davis’ Progression of Courses
Emporia’s School of Library and Information Management


Course# Course Name Instructor
801 Foundations of Library and Information Science M. Dow
802 Information-Seeking Behavior & User-Centered Services R. Gibson
804 Organization of Information C. Seavey
813 Reference & User Services R. Schroeder
815 Information Technology L. Wamsley
810 Research in Library & Information Science R. Singh
811 Community Needs Analysis T. Kreighbaum
805 Management & Information Organizations R. Singh
855 Collection Development & Management D. Reed
863 Current Issues in Management of Information Organizations: Public Librarianship D. Hanson
837 Teaching in the Information Professions L. Wamsley
860 Current Issues in Global Information Infrastructures: Scottish Libraries, Museums & Archives A. Smith
880 Capstone M. Dow
829 Resources & Services for Early Learners A. Smith