About Me

christydavispicWelcome! I am Christy Davis and I am an advocate for life-long learning. As a burgeoning information professional, I believe that America’s libraries are the best place to support such learning throughout the span of our citizens’ lives. I firmly believe that libraries are one of the last strongholds of democracy because they provide an equitable source for people from any walk of life to experience access to ideas. You, dear reader, as well as the president, senators, housewives, college students, and mechanics, are able to have access to the very same resources because of our nation’s excellent network of libraries. Such information access is critical for a functioning democracy.

While it only scratches the surface of the learning I acquired, this online portfolio represents many of the best products of my professional library education. Although I held a library job for over 15 years before entering the School of Library and Information Science at Emporia State University, I knew that I could be a better and more professional advocate if I pursed a master’s level education in the discipline I so passionately believe in. The Master of Library Science program at SLIM has provided me with an excellent opportunity to sharpen my skills and become an information professional who is ready and eager to navigate the many challenges facing today’s libraries.

I now feel prepared to advocate for both the strong traditions of libraries and to trailblaze for innovative services for our future users. As a newly minted library professional, I know that our discipline is unparalleled in its skills to organize, repackage, and share all the most important information resources on the planet. I am so excited about giving my best energies to a lifetime of library service.